The small cities of Halden and Fredrikstad, situated on the border between Sweden and Norway, are really special. Despite their size, they possess a hugely significant place in history as a cornerstone of Norwegian defence through centuries of Swedish expansion. This region can offer you many historical discoveries, impressive landscapes and unusual activities.

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There’s a lot of history, and there are good restaurants. Comparing two Scandinavian cultures is exciting and something to be remembered. Traditions remain alive, and where else could you sail a ship made of paper and built with your own hands?!

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Key Facts


Fredriksten Fortress in Halden

Fredriksten Fortress is a famous place because the Swedish king Charles XII was shot dead here while he was trying to take over the city of Halden. As soon as you upload a picture of the landscape of the fjord and islands taken from the ancient walls of the fortress, you’ll be guaranteed to receive a lot of “likes”.

Fredrikstad Old Town

The Old Town in Fredrikstad was the first Renaissance city in Norway. This isolated part of the city is mainly occupied by artists after the militaries left the town. You’ll find some pretty good chefs here too.

Downtown Fredrikstad

The downtown of modern Fredrikstad is a mixture of styles and times. There are shopping, international restaurants, a rich cultural life and pubs along the canals, all open until late at night.


This archipelago of small islands and rocks is very attractive to divers and fishers. You can even hunt for lobsters once a year.

Quality Nordic Choice

The look of the Quality Nordic Choice Hotel tells you everything you need to know about the modern Scandinavian approach to design. Every little detail makes you feel cosy and comfortable. The hotel restaurant has a huge variety of dishes, even for the breakfast, so you’ll always find something interesting on the menu.

Nygata 2-6, 1607, Fredrikstad, Norway

+47 69 39 30 00

Rica City Hotel

The Rica City Hotel is located in the heart of Fredrikstad. Behind the historic façade, you will find modern and spacious rooms. The hotel has a decent restaurant, its own concert hall, and very friendly staff who will help you navigate the various types of entertainment.

Nygaardsgt. 44/46 1607, Fredrisktad, Norway

+47 69 38 56 00

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