Oslo Summer Park

Oslo Summer Park is divided into nine trails of varying degrees of difficulty. There are over 150 elements in the park, which also includes 900 m of ziplines. Entry into the climbing park includes all the necessary equipment and training for a safe and thrilling day, high in the treetops. You are free to bring your own food to the park’s barbeque and picnic areas. The park also has a waffle stand. Note: the bike park will be closed this summer, and the lifts will not be in service. The bicycle trails will still be open, however, and the park hopes that cyclists will find their way to the trails anyway.


The best view in Oslo is right at the top of the ski jumping tower, Holmenkollen. From there, you have a chance to enjoy the same views and sensation of speed as the ski jumpers do! The zipline takes you from the very top of the Holmenkollen jumping tower to the bottom, as if you were jumping on skis. The line itself is 361 metres / 1185 feet long and the difference in altitude is 107 metres / 351 feet. There is no age limit – the oldest jumper is 93 and the youngest only 3! Children under 40 kg may jump in tandem with an adult.

Me-Mover tour in Copenhagen

An alternative and fun way to explore Copenhagen!

A highly competent architect will show you “secret” spots that even native Copenhageners have never seen. The Me-Movers are easy and fun to ride.

With our help, you will discover our own Copenhagen: the city that we live and breathe, where we do business and join our friends in pubs, fall in love and raise our kids.

We want you to join us and to be Copenhagen!

Available from late October to end-April

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a natural activity within the Arctic Circle where snow cover holds for up to eight months of the year. We invite you to take part in adrenaline-rushing adventure and join morning or evening safari starting in Tromsø center.

In the summer, owners keep the animals in form by using a car with the motor turned off!

We can offer dog sledding in following locations: Tromsø, Alta, Lofoten, Trondheim


Price 2017-2018: 1900 NOK per person

Activity is a part of the Dog Sledding Tour.



Daily departures from December, 1 until March, 31


A fabulous trip which gives you a combination between speed and balance on the snowmobile as well as experience, which is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time! Your trip begins in easy terrain, following a well-established trail, giving you time to get to grips with your machine. Our schedule means we have plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. The total length of the trail is 30 km.

You do not need any special skills to drive a snowmobile. Two people will share each snowmobile, but you may choose to ride alone at an additional fee.

Price: Adults, 1950 NOK per person
Children under 12 years old: 1100 NOK per person

Children under 15 years old and guests without a driving license are not allowed to drive the snowmobiles. Additional cost to ride a snow mobile alone is 600 NOK. Please request when booking.

The price includes 60 minutes’ transfer to mountains with a 20-minute scenic ferry ride, English-speaking guide, thermal suits, crash helmets, hot meal and drinks.

Daily from January until end of March

Reindeer Sledding with Sami Traditional Meal

A Sami reindeer herder will take you on a serene and amazing trip on the traditional Sami way of transport, a reindeer sleigh ride. Then, you return to the lavvo where a cup of hot coffee and the Sami traditional meal Bidos are waiting for you along with a fascinating story about the Sami culture and traditions. You will get an opportunity to learn how to throw lasso after one of Sami people will demonstrate their skills.

Duration of the tour is from 4 to 5 hours depending on weather conditions.

Kayak Tour Copenhagen

Paddle your own kayak through Copenhagen, accompanied by a professional guide and instructor, who remains in audio-headset contact with participants during the entire tour.

History, culture and adventure combined! You will be seeing all the highlights of the city, including Nyhavn, the Citadel, Langelinje with the Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Castle, the fashionable waterfront, the Black Diamond, and Christiansborg Castle.

Wonderful Copenhagen Segway

Copenhagen Segway tour is an amazing thing to do with your friends or family. Jump on a Segway and glide smoothly and silently through the streets of Copenhagen at 22 km/h (13 mph) only 20 cm (8 inches) above the ground.

You can choose, for example, the most popular classic Segway tour. From Fisketorvet, you will cross the Bryggebridge towards Islands Brygge. You ride along the harbour and across a few bridges as you head for the parliament building, Christiansborg. From there, you ride via Nyhavn towards Amalienborg Palace, where you can try to get a glimpse of the Royal Family. From Amalienborg Palace, you head towards The Little Mermaid. On the return you ride along the harbour itself. The ride offers exceptional views of Copenhagen Opera, Skuespillerhuset, and the Royal Library – The Black Diamond.

Malmö Bike Hire

Malmø is rated the seventh most cycle-friendly city in the world, and we personally think that its flat topography makes bike trips suitable for all ages.

Bus & Boat Tours

Boat and Bus Tours

Take one of the Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing tours. You have two options: boats or double deck buses coloured the same shade of red. You will have free Wi-Fi access onboard and an audio guide with commentaries in 10 languages.

Stavanger Boat Trip

Take a boat trip to the fjords and waterfalls. We cannot really describe the natural beauty around Stavanger in words: you have to experience it on your own. You have the option of a short or a long trip and we suggest you to book your trip in advance during the summer due to demand in high season.

Copenhagen Boat Tour

Copenhagen is built on sea channels and nowadays, an hour’s city tour by boat is an absolute must. You will see all the Copenhagen places of interest from the sea and get the best impression of the historical and cultural sites.


Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park is an attraction for tourists from all over the world. But not many people realise that the park is also a fantastic rose garden and has a huge recreation area. Dedicate at least a couple of hours to visiting Frognerparken. Picnics on the grass are allowed, just remember to clean up.


The site is included in following tours:

Norwegian cultural heritage: Vigeland


Fredriksten Fortress in Halden

Fredriksten Fortress is a famous place because the Swedish king Charles XII was shot dead here while he was trying to take over the city of Halden. As soon as you upload a picture of the landscape of the fjord and islands taken from the ancient walls of the fortress, you’ll be guaranteed to receive a lot of “likes”.


Bryggen is also one of the most recognisable views of the city. Feel free to take a look inside the houses and courtyards as well as visit the assembly hall in the Hanseatic Museum and the Museum of Bruges.

Fredrikstad Old Town

The Old Town in Fredrikstad was the first Renaissance city in Norway. This isolated part of the city is mainly occupied by artists after the militaries left the town. You’ll find some pretty good chefs here too.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe. Given that it features a series of cobbled streets, baroque restaurants, and beautiful churches, Gamla Stan is the place where the capital was founded back in the 13th century.

Malmö Festivals

During spring and summer, there are a lot of festivals and open-air concerts in the city centre. Often, they will not charge you for entry.

Kungsparken and Slottsparken

Kungsparken and Slottsparken, two parks situated close to the city centre and separated by the castle moat, have a lot of beautiful paths, channels, bridges and lakes with a large amount of ducks, Canada geese, and swans. You can feed the birdlife (they like white bread) or just sit on any of the numerous benches and relax.

Malmö City Centre

The city centre, with lots of old heritage buildings around the town square (Stortorget), is definitely worth a walk. There are many shops and lovely cafés where you can sit and enjoy a sunny day.

Trondheim City Centre

You can explore the city on your own easily. There are many nice observation points to view the old wooden houses on poles hugging the river, for instance. There are great views from the beautiful Old Town Bridge, which is a must-see when you take a tour to Trondheim.