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Long Live The King

Throughout its’ history, Norway has almost always been ruled by kings. In most of cases the power and thrown were inherited, in fewer cases monarchs were elected. There have also been times when pretenders to the throne had to fight for tit in battle. Sometimes, only Norway was subordinate to the king, but there was also a period when the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish crowns belonged to one person!

During the tour we shall talk about rulers of the past and present, as well as the future of the royal power in Norway.

We shall visit Akershus fortress and together will find symbols of kings of different eras. You will learn what the fortress was used for before and if you like, we can walk along halls and dungeons of the old Royal Palace (opened only on summer and entrance fee is applicable) where some of the monarchs found their rest.

Do you want to know what gifts Queen Sonia brings to First Ladies of different countries during the official visits? I shall introduce you to Her favorite place for such purchases. Perhaps, you would want to make the same surprise to yourself or your family and friends.

In addition we can visit jewelers  – the official suppliers of the royal court. Their silver deserves a special attention!

We shall also share with you a recipe of a delicious dessert, which was created especially for Queen Maud more than hundred years ago. It cannot be tried at any of cafes, but you can cook it at home. The recipe is simple and tasty, but may ruin your diet!

If our tour starts in the morning, it will be a good opportunity to complete it by watching the guard changing ceremony at a square in front of the Royal Palace.

The cost of the tour includes visiting the fortress and shops (admission is free), but in order to get inside the modern Royal Palace, you need to order another excursion, which is carried out exclusively by the Royal Palace staff either in English or in Norwegian. Visit of a modern Royal Palace and tours through it halls and rooms are held from the end of June till the beginning of August. Tickets need to be booked and paid in advance

Duration 2.5 hours
Price: from 1875 NOK

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Best seller 2017

Oslo City Highlights

2 hours

An insider’s tour of the city that includes the City Hall, Royal Palace, Kvadraturen, and the Parliament: grand buildings in the heart of the city. A two-hour walking tour gives you the information you need to explore the city on your own later.

This is a particularly fine tour if you are in Oslo only for a short period of time.

Price: 1390 NOK (from 1 to 16 people)

3 hours

Price: 1690 NOK (from 1 to 16 people)

For groups greater than 16 people please mail us.


Tour guide available in the following languages:

The Essential Oslo Walking Tour

3 hours

This Oslo Walking Tour complements the “City Highlights” tour as we visit the seafront at Aker Brugge, a popular meeting place for more that 12 million visitors each year. The tour is packed with practical information about shopping, dining and entertainment.


Price: from 1950 NOK (up to 16 people)


For groups greater than 16 people please mail us.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Myths and Legends of Oslo

Oslo is more than 1000 years old, and its history is filled with horrifying stories, ranging from the time of the vikings to bloody battles between our neighboring countries. Discover the old Royal palace that became a recognizable symbol of the city. As you walk around the fortress your expert guide will show you a different, dark side of buildings and squares – in rich, engaging detail.

The route of this 2.5-hours walk allows you to see all the main attractions of the very center of Norwegian capital. You’ll start at the City Hall, visit Akershus fortress, walk in the oldest part of the 17th century city Kvadraturen and finish on the main street Karl Johan where you will see the Parliament, the National Theater, the University, the Royal Palace and the Grand Café.

Starting from: 1790 NOK

Duration: 2.5 hours

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Explore the Historic Side of Oslo: Akershus Fortress and Castle

2 hours

The walking tour begins from the City Hall. You will see many highlights and historical buildings of the city centre and visit the majestic Akershus Fortress along with the Old Royal Palace, which offer breathtaking views on Oslofjord.

Note: The castle is closed and can be seen from outside only until September 2018 due to a construction project.

Price: from 1390 NOK 

For groups greater than 16 people please mail us.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Norwegian Cultural Heritage: Vigeland Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a result of one man’s artistic obsession and a lifetime of work dedicated to human nature. The park itself, with its sculptures and fountains, is like none other in the world. Each statue has a character and will tell you a story if you let it. Our guides will help you discover the meaning and history of each element in this one of a kind open-air gallery.  After the tour is over, you may want to stay in the park a bit longer to enjoy a warm summer evening.


Price: from 1390 NOK


Tour guide available in the following languages:

Folkemuseum and Viking Ship Museum

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History at Bygdøy in Oslo, or Folkemuseum, is the first part of our guided tour to Bygdoy. After you get acquainted with its extensive collections of artifacts from all social groups and all regions of the country, we invite you to walk a couple of meters to the next one, Viking Ships Museum. Our guide will tell you the stories of the ships as well as the history of the Norwegian maritime adventure during the Viking Age.

This is a great tour for families or those who travel with kids because of numerous farm animals, horse and cart rides, and other activities illustrating life in Norway.

4 hours

Price: from 2590 NOK (from 1 to 16 people)

For groups greater than 16 people please mail us

Tour guide available in the following languages:

3 Hours

Fram and Kon-tiki

The Norwegians have been always friendly with the sea. In the times of Vikings, they used their shallops to reach distant shores and thus to explore the unknown to them before places.And so the love to the sea travelings has been left as inheritance to their ancestors. The Fram and Kon-Tiki Museums will give you an idea not only about the expeditions to unknown, but, what is more important, will introduce you those people, who have dedicated their knowledge and lives to expanding the boundaries of human representations about the world, which surrounds them.

You meet your guide at Bygdøy near Fram museum. To get there, take the bus route Nr.30 from city centre (20 – 25 min. ride) or an express ferry named Bygdøyferge from opposite the City Hall.

Price: From 1950 NOK

Duration: 3 Hours

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Available all year

Walking Tour: Oslo Transformed

Many times throughout its history, Oslo has faced deadly destructions and subsequently risen again, like a phoenix from the ashes. You will see the newest and the most prominent buildings and the city quarters where history is still being made.

Our guides will tell you fascinating stories about Opera, where our tour begins, and show you how Oslo was growing and constantly changing over time. You will see Akershus, Kvadraturen, City Hall, Aker Brygge, Tjuvholmen, and much more.



Short walking tour, 2 hours:  1400 NOK
Long walking tour, 3 hours:   1950 NOK

For groups greater than 16 people please mail us.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Available from 20 April to mid-October

Fishing Tour in Oslo Fjord for small groups

We offer you a 4 or 5-hours fishing tour in Oslo fjord on a comfortable motor boat with the experienced and very friendly guide. You find all equipment you need on board, including quality rods, reels, bait and fishing life jackets.

The motor cruiser has a small cabin with kitchen and you can cook and share your catch with your friends or family. Our guide can provide some bread and veggies if you book it together with the tour. This trip is great fun for all age groups but your kids will love it especially.
The boat docks in Oslo, but a bit outside city centre and you will need a transfer.

For 1 to 4 people: our captain can pick you up from your hotel and bring you back (optional service). From 5 to 8 people: city taxi.

Price: 5.600 NOK for 4-hours fishing tour, additional hour for 1.000 NOK

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Our bestsellers

Fjord Sightseeing Oslo Tours

You have a great choice of short cruises that depart from Aker Brygge every day  during summer period. You can book those cruises as a part of your independent sightseeing, add them to our guided tours, like Oslo Essential or use them as transport to Bygdøy for visiting world-famous maritime and Viking ships museums.

  • The Hop-on Hop-off is an hour and a half boat tour, which stops strategically near waterfront attractions.
  • A two-hour guided fjord cruise. The classic Oslo Fjord sightseeing route takes you around a maze of idyllic bays and small islands with summerhouses. The cruise also passes the famous Opera House. The 10.30 a.m. departure makes a stop at Bygdøy at 12.20 p.m., when you are free to spend 2.5 hours and explore the museums if you wish. The boat will pick you up at 2.50 p.m. and bring you back to City Hall.
  • A three-hour boat trip around Oslo’s harbour and the Northern end of Oslofjord. During your cruise, enjoy a complimentary Norwegian shrimp snack. Sometimes, you can also get live music on board.
  • If you come to Oslo on Sunday during the summer, your kids will admire the Pirate Cruise: an hour and a half’s boat trip designed especially for children.

Prices: from 225 NOK to 495 NOK per person

You will get 10% discount if you book any guided tour and one of cruises together.


For solo travellers and groups up to 12 persons

Private Cruise from Bergen

We offer you a spectacular trip to one of the most beautiful spots on our planet.

For decades, Hardanger has been one of the most important tourist destinations in Norway. The attractions that drew visitors to Hardanger more than 100 years ago are the same attractions that draw tourists today — the fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls.


Price: 149.000 NOK

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Day 1

Welcome to Bergen Harbour! Meet your captain and crew who will serve you during the next 3 days.

The Bergen region has a coastline with thousands of islands and a buzzing cultural scene. The Island archipelago and the majestic fjords make for highly varied scenery. Waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides, snow glitters on the mountain tops, and lush green pastures line in the fjords.

You can stop for a lunch at any local cafe and restaurants, like Bekkjarvik on Huftarøy. The sea around archipelago is rich in fish, so why not to try your luck at fishing? 2-3 guests can fish at the same time with fishing equipment provided.


Thon Sandven hotel, or
Hardanger Fjord Lodge, or
Hardingasete Cottage

Day 2

Option 1: Eidfjord, bus to Voringfossen

Attend a 2.5-hour sightseeing tour of dramatic and beautiful Norwegian scenery.

The sightseeing tour by bus starts from the pier in Eidfjord and will take you to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre. At the center, you’ll see an exciting panoramic film by Ivo Caprino, where you can learn more about Norwegian fjords, mountains and waterfalls. You can also, through interactive stations, videos and aquariums, explore the nature’s interactions and relationships between the nature and human activities.

From the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, the tour continues up Måbødalen where you have a wonderful view of Vøringsfossen — Norway’s  most famous waterfall;. It has a vertical drop of 145 meters and a total fall of 182 meters. In 2006, Vøringsfossen was the most visited natural attraction. Something that is not difficult to understand when we stop at a lookout point at the waterfall. The sightseeing tour starts in Eidfjord (on the road outside the tourist information office) at 11:45, corresponding with MS Tedno on Hardanger Fjord Cruise. The sightseeing tour ends in Eidfjord at approx. 14:20.

Option 2: Visit Cider and Apple Farm

Here you can see how farmers in Norway grow apple gardens or run farms with sheeps.


Day 3

On your way back to Bergen, we recommend you to stop at Rosendal.

Visit Rosendal

What to do in Rosendal:

Rosendal Palace

Rosendal Palace is located at the Djurgården Hunting Park and was built in the 1820s for King Karl XIV Johan, the first Bernadotte.

Rosendal was originally a summertime pleasure retreat. It has never been a residence in the modern sense of the word. It was merely intended as an escape from the formalities of the court life at the Royal Palace.

One of the leading architects of the time, Fredrik Blom, received a royal commission to draw and build the palace building. The building was produced in the fashion of a prefabricated house.

The palace stands today largely as it did in Karl Johan’s lifetime, which makes Rosendal a unique documentation of the European Empire style, also known as the Karl Johan style in Sweden.

The palace is open to visitors for guided tours in the summer months.

The Barony in Rosendal

The Barony in Rosendal is the smallest “palace” in Scandinavia, the only one of its kind in Norway and a major attraction in Western Norway.

Among other things, the manor house is famous for its magnificent Renaissance garden and its rich calendar of cultural events, including concerts, courtyard theatre and art exhibitions.

The pleasant garden cafe is situated beside the herb garden.

Hattebergfossen and Furebergsfossen waterfalls

Just outside Rosendal and near the viewpoint Baroniet, there is a very nice waterfall called the Hattebergfossen. This is the unofficial name but used by locals. Access is easy, so why not to pay a visit?. North of Rosendal, there is the magnificent Furebergsfossen along road 551 — this one you really shouldn’t miss.

The Essential Bergen Walking Tour

Take a tour around Bryggen with its bright, colourful buildings and sailing boats. This is what most of the world thinks Norway looks like. Proceed to Haakon Hall, the Royal Castle with its magnificent Rosenkrantz Tower. Take a picture or two of the famous fishing market, while our guide is telling you about the city’s rich history.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Hansa Teutonica and Fløibanen

We will visit the Hanseatic Museum and see how merchants in the 18th century lived and worked. A beautiful view waits for you at the top of the funicular Fløibanen. There are some lovely trails and paths to hike in the forests at the top of the mountain, in case if you feel adventurous.

Tour guide available in the following languages:


Trondheim in a Nutshell Walking Tour

3 hours

This walking tour would be a great choice for exploring the city within a short period of time. The tour starts at the monument to Olaf Tryggvason, who was a Viking King, who founded the city back in 997. Through the course of this walking tour, you will discover all important sites and places of this city, as well as you will enjoy the distinctive Scandinavian architecture of this city, which is filled with cozy, well-conditioned houses.

It is worth to note that you will catch sight of Stiftsgården, a royal residence that is considered to be the largest wooden building in Northern Europe.  You will also pay a visit to such an important site like Kristiansten Fortress, which was constructed back in 1685 on the eastern hill of the city. This Trondheim in a Nutshell walking tour also includes a visit to the distinguished Nidaros Cathedral (built back in the 11th century) and a number of other important historical buildings. The tour will come to an end at the top-notch observation point, from which you will clearly observe the entire city.


Price for individuals and groups up to 16 persons: 2.400 NOK

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Trondheim in a Nutshell tour on minibus

4 hours

Trondheim in a Nutshell by minibus gives you an opportunity you to see more of city’s architecture in complex, take a look at districts and also visit some view points over the city. The major Trondheim highlights are combined with remote attractions. You can expect a lot of historical discoveries and stories from old times to our days presented by our expert guides in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

The tour can be shorter or longer, for exact price and program please contact us. For detailed route press View Itinerary.
Price for minibus tour, 15 seats: 9.250 NOK

       Included         Excluded
Local certified guide Entrance fee to Nidaros
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter w/ driver Entrance fee to museums
All taxes and fees Meals


Opening hours and admission prices for The Archbishop Palace’s Museum, Nidaros Cathedral and The Crown Regalia (opens in new window).

Prices for Trøndelag Folk Museum can be included on request:

Adult: 155,-                  Senoir/Student: 115,-                  Children: Free (0-15 years)

Groups larger than 15 people: please, enquire a price.

For cruise groups: tour starts at Trondheim harbor, cruise dock.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

What do you see:

  • Royal summer residence (the largest wooden house in Scandinavia)
  • Market Square (The statue of the city’s founder, the viking Olav Tryggvason)
  • Nidaros Cathedral – the main pilgrimage place in Northern Europe in middle ages among Santiago de Compostela in Spain for Southern Europe (visit the outside only)
  • Archbishop’s Palace (visit the outside only)
  • Kristiansten Fort
  • Main building of University
  • Student Society Building
  • Television Tower
  • Photo stop on the Old Town Bridge (The Portal of Happiness) with a wonderful view of “the Northern Venice” to the waterfront wharves (storage houses).
  • Observe the first in the world bicycle lift constructed in Trondheim and installed in 1993.
  • Submarine bunkers Dora-1 and Dora-2 left after the Second World War (really unique, it is possible to see something similar only in France)
  • View points over the city
  • Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum 90 minutes to explore more than 80 buildings, some dating from 12th century, in open-air, cultural heritage museum

Trondheim at a Glance

2 hours

Since the three-hour sightseeing during our “Trondheim in a Nutshell” tour might feel excessive, we can cut it down to a two-hour walking tour. In this case, you will see the major attractions of the centre and get all the necessary practical information about dining and entertainment.

Tour guide available in the following languages:



Choose between 1 and 2 hours tour

Copenhagen City Centre Segway Tour

This is a fast, fun and intense way to explore the city centre of Copenhagen, from Langelinie all the way to Nyhavn! In just 1-hour you will experience more than 10 of the major sights of Wonderful Copenhagen!

As the only officially authorised Segway Tour Operator in the country you can trust we have the newest machines and experienced guides to make your Segway Tour as comfortable as possible.

After instructions on our spacious training ground, you’ll be minutes away from seeing the city! Almost half of the tour takes place along the pier in a no-car zone – it’s a great way to take off, whilst still exploring iconic sights such as The Little Mermaid, The Royal Palace, The Royal Opera, Nyhavn and much more. We then continue towards The Marble Church and you’ll get to go through the old Kastellet – a still-active military site where cars are not allowed. The tour ends back at our waterfront office where you’ll receive a complimentary organic refreshment and a fun Segway Souvenir!

So book this eco-friendly tour of Copenhagen and cover much more ground than you could by foot, get up-close to sights, and just Cruise Copenhagen the Seg-Way!

Price for 1 hours tour: 450 NOK per person

Price for 2 hours tour: 675 NOK per person

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Ultimate Copenhagen

3 hours

We begin at Town Hall Square by taking a look at the H.C. Andersen statue in front of the Tivoli Gardens and visiting the City Hall. You will stop to see Christiansborg Castle, previously used as a residence of the Danish Kings and today the Danish Parliament. We take a look at the statue of the founder of Copenhagen, Bishop Absalon.

You will see Børsen (the Stock Exchange Building) and the Seaman’s Church, Rosenborg Castle, Rosenborg Gardens, and the fabulous Gefion Fountain.

Exactly at 12 noon, we will visit Amalienborg Castle, residence of Queen Margrethe II, to see the changing of the guard ceremony. And, be sure, the Little Mermaid statue is always included in our three-hour tour!

As an alternative, we can meet you at Copenhagen airport before the tour and drive you back to the airport or a hotel at the end.



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