Custom Tours in Scandinavia

Custom tours in Scandinavia are a great and an increasingly interesting way to explore this wonderful region at your own pace. Unlike pre-arranged, organized tours, this type of vacation allows you to see exactly those places you want, and travel in the most convenient and desirable for you way. Tailored tours (as they are also known) provide you with a freedom of choice in your vacation.

Despite the widely accepted stereotype, custom tours are available to practically any type of traveler with almost any budget. So, regardless whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, or as a small group of friends, you may always seek custom tours in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Iceland. As you will see from this page,

How Do Custom Tours in Scandinavia Work?

Another advantage of custom tours is the ease of arranging your Scandinavian adventure with our company. In fact, the entire process is incredibly easy and quick, and here we will show you how to organize custom tours in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland step by step.

  1. Tailored Tours in ScandinaviaDecide about the length, budget, and desirable attractions of your trip. Once you have decided to visit one or a few Scandinavian countries, you should start planning your trip. First of all, define the trip’s length and overall budget. Then, decide how you want to travel (which transport), how many people will be with you, and what places and attractions you would prefer to visit.
  2. Contact us and we will create your trip itinerary. Once you know the basic details about your trip, you may contact us and tell about your preferences and wishes. Then, we will tailor the itinerary as close to your wishes as possible. As soon as we are ready, we will send your itinerary over to you right away. If you have any remarks or suggestions, we are always happy to discuss them and correct the travel plan.
  3. Embark on your Scandinavian adventure. Now, the travel plan is in your hands and you are ready to go. So, all that is left to do is for you to start your Scandinavian adventure and enjoy your self-prepared, custom trip.

Popular Scandinavian Attractions to Include in Your Itinerary

Tailored tours in Scandinavia are getting more and more popular among an increasing number of tourists. The reasons for that are clear: the tour is tailored up to you, with your wishes being considered, the service is not expensive, and you can travel at a pace and see the attractions that exactly you want.

And while you can include literally any attraction or place to your custom tour, there are certain cities, places, attractions and activities that are frequently added to the tailored tours, upon our clients’ wishes. Here, we will provide a list of such places and, perhaps, give you an idea of what you might wish to add to your custom tour:

Oslo. The Norwegian capital is currently a booming tourist destination in Europe, and not surprisingly. Oslo appeals to everyone: art fanciers and passionate history fans, avid adventurers and dedicated sports people, museum trotters and fervent foodies. Basically, there is no reason why one shouldn’t add Oslo to the custom tours in Scandinavia. Arguably, it is one of the best cities to visit in this region.

Stockholm. Sweden’s royal capital is a captivating, pompous city – you can simply walk through the city’s streets and enjoy its stunning architecture. Yet, it is also worth to mention that over 100 museums had mushroomed in the city: you can visit the open-air Skansen museum, discover the history of the famous ABBA band, or lose your speech while marveling at the perfectly preserved Vasa ship. If you are planning a multi-country custom tour, adding Stockholm would be a great idea.

Copenhagen. The Danish capital – though, the Swedes and Norwegians wouldn’t agree – is often hailed as the Capital of Northern Europe. You can easily combine a visit to this city with a visit to Malmö, Sweden, which is located just on the opposite side of Øresund strait.

Tromsø. The largest city of northern Norway is a place where you can experience a number of exciting, fun winter activities. Also, this is a city from which many aurora borealis safaris start – this is a great reason to add it to the custom tours in Scandinavia. All in all, consider adding Tromsø to your tailored tour.

Discover Scandinavia with Custom Tours

Pulpit Rock. Located just within a few hours from Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway, this unassuming rock offers stunning views over Lysefjord. The hike itself is ridiculously easy and even the most inexperienced trekkers will encounter zero problems in getting to the Pulpit Rock. The entire hike is unlike to take more than 3 or 4 hours, so you can surely consider adding this hike to your custom tour in Scandinavia.

Trolltunga. Just a decade ago, many people haven’t even heard of this place. Today, however, this outstanding rock attracts more than 100,000 visitors every year. The hike itself is pretty strenuous and requires you to be in a good physical form. But you can always ask our experts about whether it is worth adding this hike to your custom tour in Norway.

Bergen. Norway’s second-largest city is a magnet for tourists. Its famous Bryggen, a series of picturesque houses dating back to the times of the Hanseatic league, is, perhaps, the city’s most famous attraction. If you include this city to your custom tour in Scandinavia, don’t forget to look at the city from the top, from the neighboring mount of Fløyen.

Nærøyfjord. Cruise this stunning fjord, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, and enjoy the true beauty of the Norwegian nature. Regardless whether this will be a part of the Norway In A Nutshell tour or a standalone cruise, this is one of the best activities to do in Norway.

Lofoten Islands. This beautiful Norwegian archipelago can boast almost pristine nature, offering countless opportunities for travel and exploration. There are many particular activities you might undertake, including whale safari, surfing, cycling, trekking, fishing, and much more. If this suits your itinerary, you may consider adding Lofoten Islands to the list of your preferences in the tailored tour.

Final Words


As you may see, custom tours in Scandinavia are a great and budget-conscious way to explore this wonderful region. If you have any ideas about how your oncoming visit to Scandinavia should look like, contact us and we will pack with our detailed itinerary and practical advice.

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