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“Frozen” Scenery, Family Friendly Norway Tour

Embark on a fabulous journey across the country, which had inspired the creators of Frozen. Even if it will be your first visit to Norway, you will recognize many places that look completely alike to the scenes in the movie.

This trip is an awesome combination of the movie-scene-site-hopping, sightseeing and outdoor adventures in the Norwegian nature. The tour is packed with visits to the ancient Norwegian churches and interesting museums, captivating natural sites and city tours. Combine your own discovery of this magnificent Scandinavian country and its authentic nature with the visits to the sites that inspired the Frozen creators – sign up for the Frozen Movie Norway Tour right now.

Price for adult: 35.500 NOK
Price for child in the same room as parent(s): 30.650 NOK

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Guaranteed Departure Tour Dates:

Jun 19



Jun 25



The Royal Scandic Capitals and Majestic Fjords

Discover the capitals of the three Scandinavian countries during this one tour, packed with activities, city tours, and nature recreation. Acquaint yourself with the magnificent Bergen city, which once had been a capital of Norway and played an important role in the European trade of goods.
This tour is a well-balanced blend of city sightseeing and nature activities, which gives you a chance to discover the Scandinavian region from all angles. Take the world’s most scenic railway ride and embark on a cruise across Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A variety of optional activities allows you to fill your journey with something you would lack otherwise.
The carefully crafted schedule of this journey helps the travellers to avoid sightseeing exhaustion, while providing fantastic opportunities for enjoying the Scandinavian nature.

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10 days, 9 nights

Trolltunga and Pulpit Rock Hiking Tour

Have you ever wished to hike Trolltunga and Preikestolen – the two most popular sights in Norway – at once? This becomes possible with our new 10-day tour! Explore the authentic Norwegian nature throughout this intense, yet exciting tour.
While our tour will provide you with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the stunning Norwegian nature, you will have a chance to observe the Norwegian urban lifestyle, too! Right after your arrival, an exciting 4-hour long bus tour will introduce the capital of this country to you. And even though the Oslo city tour includes many sights, some of the attractions will be left for you to discover on your own – you will have enough time for that!
When we will reach Bergen, you will also enjoy a 2-hour long walking tour with a local guide – discover an once-former-capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. The tour will also take you to the towns of Eidfjord and Odda. There, you will get an opportunity to stroll across these beautiful sites and grasp the way of life of the locals.
But apart from the hikes and city tours, you will enjoy a memorable cruise through Nærøyfjord, which is settled right between towering mountains and appears to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may also choose an optional Flamsbana ride, which is, arguably, the most scenic train ride in the world. And while travelling throughout Norway with us, you can expect many surprising and pleasant visits to some of the best known places in this Scandinavian country.


Price per person, double occupancy: 22.950 NOK

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Guaranteed Departure Tour Dates:

Jul 24



Aug 7



Norway Wellness Tour With Pilates Training

Do you have or want to have an active and healthy lifestyle? If the answer is “yes,” this multi-day Hardanger tour will be an ideal option for you! Our new tour is focused on providing healthy solutions to the tourists in Norway, and you can be sure that the tour’s activities will perfectly match your preferences.

Throughout this 8-day tour, you will have a great chance to uncover the most important attractions of the Norway’s two largest cities: Oslo and Bergen. Our local guides will make sure that the city tours will be interesting and exciting for you. You will also have plenty of time to uncover other, not less significant places in the cities on your own.

During these intense 8 days, you will visit many of the renowned places in Norway, including Sotra Island, the towns of Flåm and Geilo. But on all the way of your Norwegian adventure, you will have plenty of activities, such as Pilates training, SPA, and captivating fjord tours. There is barely a better place on earth where to rejoice at the healthy food and intense activities than Norway.


Price per person, double occupancy: 2300 EURO
Price per person, single occupancy:  2875 EURO

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Guaranteed Departure Tour Dates:

Jul 29
















4 nights, 5 days, 6 tours*

Arctic Dreams

It is definitely difficult to experience fully the lifestyle of a Tromsø inhabitant just within one short trip. But if there is anything that can help you satisfy your cravings for the Norwegian culture and activities, it undoubtedly tends to be this tour!

As soon as you will arrive in the northern capital of Norway, you will get to discover this marvelous city of Tromsø, explore its attractions and, in particular, the Ice Dome. But most of the time you will spend on the nature, rejoicing in a wildlife safari or a reindeer sledding tour. Dog sledding and snowmobiling tours will surely satisfy your hunger for activities, making this adventure a never-to-be-forgotten one. You can be sure that, after observing the Northern Lights, you will eternally be impressed by the Norwegian nature!

*You can add a short visit to Oslo before the tour. Oslo package price is not included.

Price per person, double occupancy: 17900 NOK

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Day 1

Upon arrival, proceed to taxi or bus toward Tromsø. After checking in with your Quality hotel, you can explore Tromsø independently. There are plenty of places and attractions one should explore, but we recommend you to start your independent city tour by exploring the historical center of this city.

Day 2

You will have the opportunity to spend time getting to know Sami, the indigenous people of the north and their culture. You will be able to join an enjoyable reindeer sledding, tasting Sami food, learning about specific artifacts unique to their culture, hear stories and the traditional Sami song, the joik.

When you come back to your hotel, you can spend a couple of hours exploring Tromsø independently. You will be amazed by how lively and hospitable with a lot of small restaurants and cafes, as well as shops and smiling people

Past six o’ clock, get ready to the new adventure where you will be literally hunting for northern lights. Aurora Borealis on a minibus will be offering you a personal experience where you will be travelling in a minibus with local knowledge and years of experience when it comes to searching and photographing northern lights. The minibus will be used as a shelter and a base to find thermal winter suits, hot drinks, lefse and sweet snacks. There will be a high focus on night-time and taking pictures of northern lights, so remember to bring your camera.

Day 3

We offer a fun experience at sea for those who love nature and seek adventure: RIB cruise. You will have the opportunity to see the city, fjords, mountains and the Arctic landscape by boat, as it is a wonderful way to explore the nature and local wildlife. You may see animals such as sea eagles, seals, harbour porpoises and much more. Towards the beginning and the end of the whale season, you have a chance to meet exciting creatures such as humpback whales or orcas. This is a wonderful experience for those who enjoy photography and enjoy a little speed. We will meet at city harbour where the captain will inform you about the trip, provide safety briefings and ensure you dress appropriately for the weather conditions with thermal suits, boots, goggles and balaclava.

After lunch, take a good rest for your overnight program. You don’t need to check out, but pack your luggage and bring it to the reception. Your room will be waiting for you when you will be back the next day. The mini-bus will bring you to the camping place with charming wooden cabins and Sami lavvu. The evening will be a combination of two activities.

The dog sledding trips will give you a wonderful opportunity to experience Northern Lights. You will drive the dog sled by yourself as you explore the snowy landscapes and through the Vass valley, which is an uninhabited forest surrounded by mountains
Upon arrival on the camp, you’ll receive appropriate clothes for the occasion such as outdoor clothes and shoes in order to keep you warm during your stay and instructions on how to drive a dog sled by professionals.  You will be driving in pairs, with one driver and one passenger on each sled with an opportunity to switch places half way through the trip. The road ahead will be at a total distance of 10-12km, and you will be on the sled for 1.5-2 hours.
Overnight: wooden cabin.

Day 4

You will have the opportunity to explore the majestic Lyngen Alps with a local guide on this scenic and safe Snowmobile Safari where you see most gorgeous nature. The area of the Lyngen Alps provides some of the most mesmerizing scenery in Norway. Throughout the tour, safety is of utmost importance as we will follow approved and established trails. The guide will give an explanation on how to drive the snowmobile. There will be two guests on each snowmobile, who may change seats halfway through the trip.
You will make several stops during our journey. This trip focuses on sightseeing, taking photos and enjoying the incredible scenery of mountains, fjords and forests. During the stops, the guide will tell interesting facts and stories. Once we’re back at the camp, freshly made fish soup will be served (vegetarian options are available on request when booking) with baked bread.
Important: in order to drive the snowmobile you have to own driving licence.
We have another option for morning tour for those who does not want to go on snowmobile: ice fishing and snowshoe walking tour.
 This will include snowshoe walking to the frozen lake, drilling holes in the ice, fishing and tasting the self-caught fish which will be grilled on a bonfire. You will be brought to the camp where you’ll receive thermal suits, gloves, boots and hats for warmth. We will have a short ride to the frozen lake before the snowshoe equipment will be put on. Then we will walk out into the winter scenery. Sit back and relax as you try to catch lots of trout and char as you enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. The fish that you caught will be either prepared on the spot or at the camp in the Sami lavvu.
After you return to hotel, take a short rest and get ready to the beautiful Northern Lights cruise. Seeing the Northern Lights from the sea on a boat is an incredible opportunity and an unforgettable experience. The different places you will visit on this cruise should provide plenty of different views of the sky and offer several opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis.

Day 5

After breakfast and check out  your winter vacation with us comes to the end. You can extend your stay in Norway, please enquire for routes and prices.