The first time we heard that, 100 years ago, visitors called Tromsø “the Paris of the North”, we decided they could have never been to France! But after getting to know Tromsø, we realised what they had in mind. It is not size, beauty or history that matters, but the insatiable appetite of Tromsø inhabitants for entertainment. You have to come to Tromsø for a long stay in order to try out every type of outdoor activity and visit all the clubs, coffee shops and restaurants in the city.

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Northern Norway and Tromsø is the best choice for outdoor activities. Guaranteed fun, which is unusual enough to cram your holiday schedule full.

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Key Facts


From November to beginning of February

Whale Winter Safari

Northern Lights are not the only whale species such as the Humpback whale, Killer whale (Orca), Harbour porpoise and sometimes even the Fin whale visit the coast outside Tromsø to feed on herring. You are invited to come on board with us on our whale safari to take a close-up look at the feast. Sea eagles and beautiful fjords are added bonuses as we travel by boat from downtown Tromsø out towards the whales.

Our knowledgeable guide will provide information about the safety rules on board, a presentation and films about the whales and information about the surroundings you see during the trip.We aim to spend around 90 minutes with the whales so our guests have enough time to experience them, while also respecting the whales’ need to be left undisturbed.

The catamaran has comfortable seating inside for 146 guests as well as spacious decks outside on two levels for excellent viewing and photo opportunities. There is a kiosk on board to purchase hot expedition meals, snacks and cold drinks. The catamaran has a cruising speed of 20 knots, which reduces the transport time from the port to where we find the whales and extends the whale watching season due as we can cover a longer distance.

*Please note that whale sightings cannot be guaranteed, but the chances are extremely high.

From November to end March

Northern Lights Camp

The opportunity to sight large green shines slitting the nocturnal sky is, indeed, something priceless. In order to make Northern Lights chasing most comfortable we established several warm Camps across the region. Depending on the size of the group, you will be transported to the place of destination and back either in a minibus or in a bus.  Each Camp has toilet facilities, campfires and benches outside. Every day our experienced guide with the help of weather forecast, wind direction and current weather reports decide where to go.

Departures: 18.30
Duration: 5-7 hours
What is included:

  • Comfortable coaches.
  • Well trained, English speaking Northern Lights guides.
  • Beautiful Northern Lights video shown in the coach.
  • Free access to photo link (via Facebook) when guides have been taking photos
  • 20 warm overalls for free use (please pre book)
  • Free advice from our guides on how to take Aurora photos!
  • Hot chocolate, coffee, cake

A cup of coffee near the fire in the nighttime in a snowy place, located miles and miles away from something we call “civilization”, brings you the ultimate experience of living as a Laplander. The Northern Lights Tour provides you with unforgettable, fairly romantic moments with lots manifestations of the nature and few human traces. Given that the warm clothes, tents, and tasty meals are provided, you can be sure that your trip will not be spoiled by any unforeseen circumstances, thanks to good planning of the tour.


Price: 1150 NOK for adult, 600 NOK for child

Add ons: warm soup (2 sorts): 200 NOK per person
tripod:                           100 NOK per item



Available from late October to end-April

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a natural activity within the Arctic Circle where snow cover holds for up to eight months of the year. We invite you to take part in adrenaline-rushing adventure and join morning or evening safari starting in Tromsø center.

In the summer, owners keep the animals in form by using a car with the motor turned off!

We can offer dog sledding in following locations: Tromsø, Alta, Lofoten, Trondheim


Price 2017-2018: 1900 NOK per person

Activity is a part of the Dog Sledding Tour.



Daily departures from December, 1 until March, 31


A fabulous trip which gives you a combination between speed and balance on the snowmobile as well as experience, which is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time! Your trip begins in easy terrain, following a well-established trail, giving you time to get to grips with your machine. Our schedule means we have plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. The total length of the trail is 30 km.

You do not need any special skills to drive a snowmobile. Two people will share each snowmobile, but you may choose to ride alone at an additional fee.

Price: Adults, 1950 NOK per person
Children under 12 years old: 1100 NOK per person

Children under 15 years old and guests without a driving license are not allowed to drive the snowmobiles. Additional cost to ride a snow mobile alone is 600 NOK. Please request when booking.

The price includes 60 minutes’ transfer to mountains with a 20-minute scenic ferry ride, English-speaking guide, thermal suits, crash helmets, hot meal and drinks.

Daily from January until end of March

Reindeer Sledding with Sami Traditional Meal

A Sami reindeer herder will take you on a serene and amazing trip on the traditional Sami way of transport, a reindeer sleigh ride. Then, you return to the lavvo where a cup of hot coffee and the Sami traditional meal Bidos are waiting for you along with a fascinating story about the Sami culture and traditions. You will get an opportunity to learn how to throw lasso after one of Sami people will demonstrate their skills.

Duration of the tour is from 4 to 5 hours depending on weather conditions.

Running daily from 01.June to the end of October

Mountain Walking Tour

Our selection of most popular 4-5 hour long tours will bring you to the best spots around Tromsø with fantastic views. During the walk, the guide will tell you about the area, the local history, the nature and answer your questions. Your route will depend on the season and the weather.

You can expect to see reindeer, eagles or some smaller animals and find how beautiful is the local flora. The walks is suitable to all ages and families with kids will get a discount.

Midnight sun hiking tour: 1.100 NOK
Hiking with huskies: 1.100 NOK
Up in the mountain: 1.100 NOK
Glacier walk: 1.500 NOK

From May, 15 until August, 1

Midnight Sun Cruise

Midnight sun makes a perfect combination to the passionate, spectacular North Norwegian nature. You will admire slightly unrealistic lighting of calm fjords and beautiful mountain landscapes.

Take an evening boat trip from Tromsø pier to the West coast of Kvaløya island. If you are lucky, you can also see whales, seals, puffins and sea eagles. You will be given the opportunity to try some fishing. The cruise begins from the Tromsø center.

Price: 1995 NOK per person

Included: guide, fishing equipment, overalls and boots, warm drinks.



From April until November

Tromsø Fjord Cruise

Choose among several vessels with daily departures from Tromsø center. We can offer several types of group and private Tromsø cruises around the islands:

  • Speedy, adventurous RIB trips. They will quickly bring you even to remote areas within Tromsø archipelago. You can count on safe and comfortable 3-4 hours tour despite the speed!
  • Three hours on a beautiful sailing boat travelling around the magnificent Tromsø fjord. You will be served a fish soup with bread and a hot drink of coffee or tea.
  • Sightseeing and fishing combined. It is a great fun for family with kids, or for small groups up to 6 people. All necessary equipment, sandwiches and hot drinks are included in price.

Prices from: 1200 NOK per person, 50% discount for children until 12 years old.

All tours include thermal suits and English – speaking guide.

Tromsø Fishing

Several excellent fishing bases are situated near Tromsø. You can try your luck almost in any place, while for genuine sport fishing you may need to drive a bit outside of the city. You have a good chance of catching a superb fish because the Gulf Stream comes particularly close to the coast in this area.

Andøya Fishing Camp

On the island of Andøya, you can wander along some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches and look out over the still waters of the ocean with the midnight sun as your sole companion. The coastal waters abound in many sorts of fish such as cod, halibut, saithe, sea bass and lancet fish. In autumn you can catch some impressively large crabs. You will find your motorboat just a few kilometres away from the camp, where there is a little harbour from which you set off to go fishing. It can be reached by car, but for those without cars, the friendly crew will take you to and from the harbour for no charge. You will get a lot of valuable advice from them as well. Fishing can take place in the fjord or in the open sea, which is 7 km away.

The fishing camp can take up to 37 guests. There are 5 apartments, each of which holds 6–8 people. In each apartment there are 2–3 bedrooms, a toilet, a shower, and a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances and kitchenware. There is a dining room with a TV set, and a free wireless internet connection is available in all rooms.

The closest city is just 10 km away, and from there you can join a trip to the open sea with a spectacular show: the whale safari.

Vulkana Spa

Have you ever heard of a ship with spa? Vulkana is the result of a strange dream and a wild idea. The owners of the boat share a passion for arctic nature, sauna and bathing, as well as excellent food. It is really an unusual form of relaxation and the one that our customers remember best.

Cable Car

The cable car takes you up Mount Storsteinen (421 metres / 1382 feet) with fantastic views on Tromsø. During the Midnight Sun period, the cable car is open until past midnight. There is a children’s playground on the top and the road is excellent for hiking.

The Polar Museum

The Polar Museum is open all year round and, apart from the usual exhibition, you can see the examples of polar fauna there. Unfortunately, feeding the seals on your own is forbidden, but you can watch the museum staff feeding them twice a day.

Tromsø City Centre

Explore Tromsø on your own. The city centre is small and many houses were built long before the first polar expedition reached the sea port.

Fishing Villages in North Norway

Norway’s fishing has grown in popularity and many tourists seek the Lofoten Islands in both winter and summer. The biggest cods are usually caught between January and April. On the fish-finder, you might see a cod stacked from the surface all the way to the bottom. Another highlight is the famous halibut fishing. Summer is the time to catch halibut, although the biggest often turn up in the autumn.

Norwegian fishing camps along the Lofoten coast differ in size and comfort levels, but the sea is exactly the same whether you choose to stay in Svinøya Rorbu, Reine Rorbu, Melbu or drive to the end of the island archipelago to the tiny village with the shortest name: Å.


VIP Services

Helicopter Rides

From April until the end of August, you have an opportunity to explore the fjords and mountains around Tromsø from the air, taking either a twin-engine Piper (max. eight people) or helicopter (max. three people). Take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Quality Hotel Saga

Located right in the center of Tromsø (next to the Harbor), Quality Hotel Saga is one of the finest stay experiences in the capital of northern Norway. The hotel offers majestic views of the city and surrounding nature, overlooking the mountains, the city center and Tromsø’s Ice Sea Cathedral.

Today, Quality Saga is one of the best conference venues, as it has 7 conference rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people in a room. In the afternoon, you will be served free tea, coffee and waffles, while the in-house restaurant offers a popular buffet breakfast and light buffet dinner options. General hotel’s facilities a guest computer, a TV lounge, and a luggage storage room.

Richard Withs plass 2, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 60 70 00

Scandic Grand Tromsø

Are you seeking to stay in Tromsø with comfort and convenience? Well, the Scandic Grand Tromsø Hotel may be a great choice then! Given its central location in the city, you get a quick and easy access to the city’s attraction and waterfront by staying here.

Actually, this hotel has all necessary facilities for your needs: gym, bar, café, conference and meeting rooms, 24-hour Scandic Shop, 24-hour security, and even a disco club! Pets are allowed, and breakfast is always included in the room price.

Storgata 44, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 75 37 77

Clarion Collection Hotel With

This centrally located hotel from Clarior with a view of the waterfront may be a great option for a stay in Tromsø – regardless of your travel purposes. The views of the sea, boats, mountains and the Arctic Cathedral are simply marvelous. This is also a great place to stay for Aurora Borealis safari in winter!

The hotel is actually named after Hans Rudolf With, a pioneer captain in the local shipping company. Unlike the other Clarion hotel in Tromsø, Clarion Collection Hotel With is able to offer you more facilities – such as with an easily accessible spa nearby.

Sjøgata, 9291 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 66 42 00

Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora

Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora is an awesome place to stay in Tromsø – prime location (close to both the city center and waterfront) make this hotel a favorite pick of tourists. There are very few hotels in Tromsø that can compete with Clarion.

Breakfast, afternoon sweet and evening meal are all included in the room price. A relaxation area and meeting (conference) facilities are available on-site, too. Yet, keep in mind that this hotel is cash-free.

Sjøgata 19-21, 9291 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 78 11 00

Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø

Located in the waterfront area, this 4-star hotel is able to offer you much more than just spectacular views. The hotel is also located just 4 kilometers away from the Langnes Airport, making it easy for you to reach it.

This hotel from Radisson Blu is an ideal place to catch the Northern Lights in winter. The central location of the Radisson Blue Hotel guarantees that you will have easy access to the city’s attractions, boutiques, bars and pubs. Buffet breakfast, a mini-fridge, and high-speed Wi-Fi are included in the price of each room.

Sjøgata 7, 9259 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 60 00 00

Clarion Hotel The Edge

Clarion Hotel The Edge, the newest hotel in Tromsø, opened its doors for the first time in May 2014 and has already received several awards for its modern design and sustainability. Every single aspect of the hotel is wonderful: a variety of comfortable rooms, fine cuisine and friendly staff. The hotel is designed the way that most of the rooms have views on the fjord and mountains, but do not forget to specify that when booking your room.

Kaigata 6, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 66 84 00

Comfort Xpress

Comfort Xpress is included in our list as a result of its high ratings and a large number of great reviews. A new approach for the Nordic Choice group of hotels: automated registration, engaged and friendly staff, and reasonable prices. One of its features is the service of a great quality from well-informed employees, who are willing to help customers navigate a variety of entertainment possibilities in Tromsø.

Grønnegata 35, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 60 05 50

Scandic Ishavshotel

Scandic Ishavshotel is the shape of an iceberg and is brilliantly located right on the harbour, overlooking the water and with great views across to the Arctic Cathedral. Room sizes range from small to very big, and most of the rooms have access to a private balcony. The restaurant and bar have an excellent reputation and are serious competitors to the city’s restaurants.

Fredrik Langes gate 2, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

+47 77 66 64 00

Lauklines Kystferie

Lauklines Kystferie is an ideal base for outdoor activities. We recommend it despite its considerable distance from Tromsø. The road to the centre takes about 50 minutes. Spacious Norwegian wooden “fishermans’ houses” are located on the outskirts of the big island, and a number of restaurants and catering companies located nearby will take care of you if you do not want to cook for yourself. There is a huge choice of entertainment. You can participate individually or in groups. Choose between hiking to the glacier, fishing, helicopter tours, a race on pedal cars and much, much more.

Vasstrandvegen 580, 9100 Kvaløysletta, Norway

+47 997 94 049

Available from November to end-April

Dog Sledding

What can bring more fun and excitement than being dragged in a sled by a number of husky dogs? And, moreover, when you drive this harness on a large snowy field! That is exactly what Nordiva Tours offers to you with its dogsledding journeys. Being aware that the rides are completely different in a morning/daytime and in the evening time, the company has provided different types of voyages for its customers.

Driving an own sled is another great opportunity, if you want to get an idea how to rule the harness with huskies and actively partake in this activity. Yet, be sure that, if no one from your group wants to drive the sled, it will be driven by professional mushers, provided by the company. The trip takes place in Kvaløya, one of the biggest Norwegian islands near Tromsø. On the island, you get an amazing perspective on the Norwegian mountains around Tromsø as well as a stunning view on Malangen peninsula and the Balsfjord.


Adults:  1950 NOK per person                   
Children under 12 years old: 1000 NOK per person  
Infants up to 4 years old: free                

The price includes transport to the camp and back to the city (30 min one way), hot meal, warm clothes.

For other North Norwegian cities or private group tours, please contact us.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Daily during November, 1 to March, 31

Northern Lights Camp Tour

The Northern Lights Camp allows you to relish the view of the impressive Northern Lights while staying at the edge of the world at night. We offer you a complete tour with a great chance to experience Aurora Borealis. The tour’s duration is from 5 to 7 hours.

What do you get:

  • Pick up from the city center
  • Comfortable transport to the observation spot
  • Experienced guide
  • Warm clothing
  • Tripods for the best shooting
  • Warm drinks

Price:    from  1350 NOK for adults, 800 NOK for children under 12 years old

*The price includes a warm meal. Please enquire for a price if you do not want to include meals in your tour.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Guaranteed Departure Tours

4 nights, 5 days, 6 tours*

Arctic Dreams

It is definitely difficult to experience fully the lifestyle of a Tromsø inhabitant just within one short trip. But if there is anything that can help you satisfy your cravings for the Norwegian culture and activities, it undoubtedly tends to be this tour!

As soon as you will arrive in the northern capital of Norway, you will get to discover this marvelous city of Tromsø, explore its attractions and, in particular, the Ice Dome. But most of the time you will spend on the nature, rejoicing in a wildlife safari or a reindeer sledding tour. Dog sledding and snowmobiling tours will surely satisfy your hunger for activities, making this adventure a never-to-be-forgotten one. You can be sure that, after observing the Northern Lights, you will eternally be impressed by the Norwegian nature!

*You can add a short visit to Oslo before the tour. Oslo package price is not included.

Price per person, double occupancy: 17900 NOK

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Guaranteed Departure Tour Dates:


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