“I needed some physical training for this city,” said a friend of mine after he visited Norway’s second city.
The name of the city means simply “mountain”. As you walk around Bergen, there are some iconic Norwegian houses and alleyways for you to explore, and you are always walking up- or downhill. Take a pair of comfortable shoes!

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Bergen is an excellent destination for the many leisure travellers to the Western coast. Here you’ll find history and attractions, recreation, fishing and unforgettable nature – fjords, mountains and glaciers.

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Classic Norwegian Round Cruise Hurtigruten

Join the world famous team for unforgettable cruises in fjords or on the sea to have a closer look at Norway’s nature or wildlife. At any season, it is a trip like no other, because Norwegian landscapes will not disappoint you regardless the weather.

On board you will be taken care of dedicated experts which will enhance your experience by different activities and  interpret the cultural and natural treasures you will see during your voyage. We can help you choose among many options and deals Hurtigruten offers or incorporate a fraction of 12-days long route into your very personal itinerary. We add our complimentary guided tours in many Norwegian cities along the route inviting our local guides to share their passion to one of the most beautiful areas on the globe.



Bryggen is also one of the most recognisable views of the city. Feel free to take a look inside the houses and courtyards as well as visit the assembly hall in the Hanseatic Museum and the Museum of Bruges.

Several daily departures, all year

Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway, Flamsbana is often touted by travel brochures as one of the greatest railway journeys in the world, and while you may be inclined to write this off as a mere advertising pitch, it really does live up to this claim. The ride from Myrdal down into Flam is only an hour long, yet it’s absolutely thrilling with some of the most amazing landscapes you could have ever seen.



Flåm -Myrdal Adult 360 nok Child 180 nok
Flåm-Myrdal-Flåm Adult 480 nok Child 240 nok


Around Bergen

For those of you who love outdoor activities, Bergen is a paradise: you can climb the Folgefonna glacier, choose one of the mountain roads, or dive in the fjord, where you can see inhabitants of the depths in their natural environment.

Bergen Fishing

Fishing on the West coast is one of the most popular types of activity. You don’t have to spend a whole day driving to a fishing village. Just join the fishing boat, which provides everything you need and sets out to sea on a daily basis according to the schedule.

Bergen Aquarium

If you come with kids, do not deny yourself the pleasure of meeting the inhabitants of the aquarium!

Cathedral Rosenkrantz

The Fortress and Cathedral Rosenkrantz in Bergen are so widely known that they are among the most recognisable symbols of the city today.


Start your day with the funicular Fløibanen and the observation point at the top of the hill. The view is awe-inspiring, even if you have seen dozens of photographs taken from this point.

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Luxury Yacht Fairline

From 01. April to Mid-September

Fairline Motor Yacht is 58 feet of pure luxury which takes onboard up to 12 passengers in addition to a crew. You can start your trip from Bergen and visit any place on the West coast, including Geirangefjord, Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord.

Wherever you have only a couple of hours, a weekend or a whole week, Fairline is at your service offering generous living spaces, 3 comfortable cabins with TV sets and air-conditions. We can hire an experienced chef for you and offer an extensive range of fun, inclusive and memorable activities.

Luxury Accommodation

Villa Sortland

Villa Sortland is the perfect place for those looking for exciting activities and adventures in pristine nature while enjoying the luxury of staying in a five-star hotel. On the island of Bømlo, you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery: the fjord, the mountains, the archipelago and the forest – all can be enjoyed more or less in solitude. This is a place of tranquility and contemplation, but also exciting encounters with the forces of nature and an out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience.

Luxury Accommodation

Panorama Hotel

The Panorama is located 40 minutes’ drive from Bergen on the island of Sotra. If you come to Bergen to encounter the unique Norwegian nature, do not miss the opportunity to visit this place. This relatively new hotel provides you with a high level of comfort, just like other luxury hotels, and the restaurant has already earned a special reputation. It has a great service and an amazing breakfast, but most importantly its entertainment choices are available to you at any time. You can choose between fishing, walking on the sea beach, hiking, cycling, kayaking and helicopter tours.

Forland, 5379, Norway

+47 56 31 90 00

Radisson Blu Royal

This Radisson has all you need for a business or leisure trip with its newly renovated rooms. Breakfast is always excellent, with a good selection of fruit and vegetables in addition to various styles of food. Make sure you visit the all-new gym on the sixth floor and the dry and wet saunas. The airport bus conveniently picks up and drops off here.

Bryggen, 5835 Bergen, Norway

+47 55 54 30 00

Clarion Collection Havnekontoret

No matter how rainy the weather is, the fiesta begins as soon as you step inside this hotel! A truly original and cozy hotel with splendid service and hospitality. We hope you are not averse to its eclectic interior design, situated inside a beautiful heritage building. You’ll definitely not go hungry: the hotel serves a fresh and inviting breakfast, followed by complimentary waffles during the afternoon and a complimentary dinner served in the evening. Altogether, it will cost you much less than eating outside.

Clarion Admiral

The Clarion Hotel Group is represented in Bergen by five hotels. We recommend that you pay attention to two of them: Admiral lets you enjoy the view of Fløyen and the harbour that is so often placed on the cover of travel booklets. Service is excellent, with staff doing everything possible to make you feel at home. Spacious rooms, high-quality interiors, great attention to details, and fine cuisine make this hotel well worth the price.

C. Sundts gate 9, 5004 Bergen, Norway

+47 55 23 64 00

The Essential Bergen Walking Tour

Take a tour around Bryggen with its bright, colourful buildings and sailing boats. This is what most of the world thinks Norway looks like. Proceed to Haakon Hall, the Royal Castle with its magnificent Rosenkrantz Tower. Take a picture or two of the famous fishing market, while our guide is telling you about the city’s rich history.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Hansa Teutonica and Fløibanen

We will visit the Hanseatic Museum and see how merchants in the 18th century lived and worked. A beautiful view waits for you at the top of the funicular Fløibanen. There are some lovely trails and paths to hike in the forests at the top of the mountain, in case if you feel adventurous.

Tour guide available in the following languages:

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Escorted Bus Tour :The Norwegian Ornaments

A Wonderful Journey to the Fabulous Scandinavian Fjords

Discover real Norway with the escorted bus tour that will definitely not solely bring you myriads of positive emotions and moments of astonishment, but also change your worldview.

PRICE FROM: 1150€ per person in Twin/Double room



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Jun 16




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