Long Live The King


Throughout its’ history, Norway has almost always been ruled by kings. In most of cases the power and thrown were inherited, in fewer cases monarchs were elected. There have also been times when pretenders to the throne had to fight for tit in battle. Sometimes, only Norway was subordinate to the king, but there was also a period when the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish crowns belonged to one person!

During the tour we shall talk about rulers of the past and present, as well as the future of the royal power in Norway.

We shall visit Akershus fortress and together will find symbols of kings of different eras. You will learn what the fortress was used for before and if you like, we can walk along halls and dungeons of the old Royal Palace (opened only on summer and entrance fee is applicable) where some of the monarchs found their rest.

Do you want to know what gifts Queen Sonia brings to First Ladies of different countries during the official visits? I shall introduce you to Her favorite place for such purchases. Perhaps, you would want to make the same surprise to yourself or your family and friends.

In addition we can visit jewelers  – the official suppliers of the royal court. Their silver deserves a special attention!

We shall also share with you a recipe of a delicious dessert, which was created especially for Queen Maud more than hundred years ago. It cannot be tried at any of cafes, but you can cook it at home. The recipe is simple and tasty, but may ruin your diet!

If our tour starts in the morning, it will be a good opportunity to complete it by watching the guard changing ceremony at a square in front of the Royal Palace.

The cost of the tour includes visiting the fortress and shops (admission is free), but in order to get inside the modern Royal Palace, you need to order another excursion, which is carried out exclusively by the Royal Palace staff either in English or in Norwegian. Visit of a modern Royal Palace and tours through it halls and rooms are held from the end of June till the beginning of August. Tickets need to be booked and paid in advance

Duration 2.5 hours
Price: 2200 NOK