Explore the Historic Side of Oslo: Akershus Fortress and Castle

3 Hours

The walking tour begins from the City Hall. You will see many highlights and historical buildings of the city centre and visit the majestic Akershus Fortress along with the Old Royal Palace, which offer breathtaking views on Oslofjord.

Sitting in the center of Oslo, the Akershus Fortress has been in continuous use for more than 700 years. Its primary purpose was to defend the city from foreign invaders; and it did well, as no foreign military ever managed to capture it by force.Today you can experience a unique historical environment and enjoy stimulating cultural experiences. Dating from 1299, this medieval castle and royal residence developed into a fortress in 1592, after which it was rebuilt into a renaissance castle 1637-1648. Akershus Castle includes several magnificent halls, the Akershus Castle church, the Royal Mausoleum, models of the castle, the government’s reception rooms and banquet halls.

Admission price: 100 NOK per person.


You can combine the tour with other city sightseeing tours. Please ask for price.


Price: from 2200 NOK 

For groups greater than 25 people please mail us.