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For solo travellers and groups up to 12 persons

3-days Private Cruise from Bergen to Hardanger

We offer you a spectacular trip to one of the most beautiful spots on our planet.

For decades, Hardanger has been one of the most important tourist destinations in Norway. The attractions that drew visitors to Hardanger more than 100 years ago are the same attractions that draw tourists today — the fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls.

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Price: from 149.000 NOK

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Day 1

Welcome to Bergen Harbour! Meet your captain and crew who will serve you during the next 3 days.

The Bergen region has a coastline with thousands of islands and a buzzing cultural scene. The Island archipelago and the majestic fjords make for highly varied scenery. Waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides, snow glitters on the mountain tops, and lush green pastures line in the fjords.

You can stop for a lunch at any local cafe and restaurants, like Bekkjarvik on Huftarøy. The sea around archipelago is rich in fish, so why not to try your luck at fishing? 2-3 guests can fish at the same time with fishing equipment provided.


Thon Sandven hotel, or
Hardanger Fjord Lodge, or
Hardingasete Cottage

Day 2

Option 1: Eidfjord, bus to Voringfossen

Attend a 2.5-hour sightseeing tour of dramatic and beautiful Norwegian scenery.

The sightseeing tour by bus starts from the pier in Eidfjord and will take you to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre. At the center, you’ll see an exciting panoramic film by Ivo Caprino, where you can learn more about Norwegian fjords, mountains and waterfalls. You can also, through interactive stations, videos and aquariums, explore the nature’s interactions and relationships between the nature and human activities.

From the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, the tour continues up Måbødalen where you have a wonderful view of Vøringsfossen — Norway’s  most famous waterfall;. It has a vertical drop of 145 meters and a total fall of 182 meters. In 2006, Vøringsfossen was the most visited natural attraction. Something that is not difficult to understand when we stop at a lookout point at the waterfall. The sightseeing tour starts in Eidfjord (on the road outside the tourist information office) at 11:45, corresponding with MS Tedno on Hardanger Fjord Cruise. The sightseeing tour ends in Eidfjord at approx. 14:20.

Option 2: Visit Cider and Apple Farm

Here you can see how farmers in Norway grow apple gardens or run farms with sheeps.


Day 3

On your way back to Bergen, we recommend you to stop at Rosendal.

Visit Rosendal

What to do in Rosendal:

Rosendal Palace

Rosendal Palace is located at the Djurgården Hunting Park and was built in the 1820s for King Karl XIV Johan, the first Bernadotte.

Rosendal was originally a summertime pleasure retreat. It has never been a residence in the modern sense of the word. It was merely intended as an escape from the formalities of the court life at the Royal Palace.

One of the leading architects of the time, Fredrik Blom, received a royal commission to draw and build the palace building. The building was produced in the fashion of a prefabricated house.

The palace stands today largely as it did in Karl Johan’s lifetime, which makes Rosendal a unique documentation of the European Empire style, also known as the Karl Johan style in Sweden.

The palace is open to visitors for guided tours in the summer months.

The Barony in Rosendal

The Barony in Rosendal is the smallest “palace” in Scandinavia, the only one of its kind in Norway and a major attraction in Western Norway.

Among other things, the manor house is famous for its magnificent Renaissance garden and its rich calendar of cultural events, including concerts, courtyard theatre and art exhibitions.

The pleasant garden cafe is situated beside the herb garden.

Hattebergfossen and Furebergsfossen waterfalls

Just outside Rosendal and near the viewpoint Baroniet, there is a very nice waterfall called the Hattebergfossen. This is the unofficial name but used by locals. Access is easy, so why not to pay a visit?. North of Rosendal, there is the magnificent Furebergsfossen along road 551 — this one you really shouldn’t miss.

Sailers and Motor cruisers are available

Cruise in Oslofjord on a Private Yacht

We have a great variety of private vessels available for cruises in Oslo fjord. You can book 3-7 hour long cruises with meals served on board. Our collection of vessels includes boats for small groups up to 4 people such as:

  • Bavaria 46, 47 and 50
  • Aquariva Express Boat
  • Rivarama Express Motor Boat
  • Fishing Boat “Jupiter”
  • Targa 32

For bigger groups, 25-90 people

  • Motor Yacht Riva Italia
  • SY Vega
  • SY Madonna
  • SY Jomfru

…and many more.

The price for smaller boats starts from 3300kr/hour. (Min. 3 hours)

The price for bigger boats starts from 7500kr/hour. (Min. 3 hours)

Tour guide available in the following languages:

Best for small groups

Minibus Bergen Sightseeing Tour

This panoramic tour takes you to the medieval Bergenhus Fortress, 13th century King’s Håkon Hall which is the oldest stone royal residence in the country, and Rozenkrantz Tower. You will move from the Bergenhus fortress to the Hanseatic Office Bryggen through the same way where german merchants exported dry fish and cod liver oil for centuries abroad from Scandinavia to other countries. This was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The narrow passageways of the Office preserved spirit of the medieval trade center, which was established in the middle of the 14th century. Your bus will stop on the Custom pier – the best place to make panoramic pictures of the Old Bergen and the city mountains. From there passing peninsula Nordnes, Bergen Theatre building, Grieg Hall (the largest concert hall in the city) you will come to the royal castle Gamlehaugen situated on the shore of the lake Nordas. You will come to the highest point of the hill, where a castle was erected, to make pictures of the surrounding areas. After a visit of the stave church in Fantoft, you will come to the lower station of Floibanen – the city funicular line. By the funicular you will come to the viewpoint at the summit of the mountain Floien. After 30 minutes of free time you will return back to the lower station of the funicular. You can choose where the end point of the tour would be.



Price: 9.900 NOK for 4 hours tours

Return ticket to Floyen cable car: 100 NOK per person

Tour guide available in the following languages: