Luxury & Spa

Vulkana Spa

Have you ever heard of a ship with spa? Vulkana is the result of a strange dream and a wild idea. The owners of the boat share a passion for arctic nature, sauna and bathing, as well as excellent food. It is really an unusual form of relaxation and the one that our customers remember best.

Suitable for 12 passangers

Luxury Yacht Fairline

From 01. April to Mid-September

Fairline Motor Yacht is 58 feet of pure luxury which takes onboard up to 12 passengers in addition to a crew. You can start your trip from Bergen and visit any place on the West coast, including Geirangefjord, Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord.

Wherever you have only a couple of hours, a weekend or a whole week, Fairline is at your service offering generous living spaces, 3 comfortable cabins with TV sets and air-conditions. We can hire an experienced chef for you and offer an extensive range of fun, inclusive and memorable activities.


Oslo Museums

Oslo has a lot of museums. You will find the historical museum and the National Gallery right in the city centre. There are several maritime museums and the Folkemuseum located on Bygdoy Island, easily accessible by public transport. And if you want to swim in the fjord, you can do it here on the beach.

The site is included in following tours:

Folkemuseum and Viking Ship Museum

Fram and Kon-tiki


HC Andersens Hus Museum

Your exploration of Odense will not be complete without a visit to HC Andersens Hus, a museum that contains a rich and thorough telling of Andersen’s extraordinary life. Near the museum is the charming Fyrtøyet, a cultural centre for children, where they can dress up as Andersen’s characters, paint their faces, listen to music and draw pictures.

Stockholm Museums

There are many different museums in Stockholm, covering an eclectic mix of topics and attractions and showcasing the city’s heritage in all its glory. You can start with Djurgården: it is easy to access this museum and it has a high density of attractions.

Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum

The Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum displays houses from all over the Trøndelag region from as far back as the 1600s, moved from their original locations. You can even see a very simple Stave Church here. The collection shows the history of Trøndelag in a fascinating way. The staff are dressed in traditional clothes and give life to the charming place and more information for those seeking it.

Rockheim Museum

If you are a fan of popular music, you’ll probably find the Rockheim museum of a great fun. Everything is interactive and sometimes more like a big puzzle than a museum: you have to figure out how to “trigger” the exhibits. But it does not matter if you get stuck – there is a helpful guide to show you how to play instruments or remix songs.

The Polar Museum

The Polar Museum is open all year round and, apart from the usual exhibition, you can see the examples of polar fauna there. Unfortunately, feeding the seals on your own is forbidden, but you can watch the museum staff feeding them twice a day.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Norwegian Petroleum Museum is suited to everyone, regardless of age or profession. You will be surprised how fun can it be to play with all the hands-on interactive exhibits. You get an insight into how Norway became the wealthiest nation in the world.

Sunnmoere Museum

Sunnmoere Museum is a great outdoor museum that gives a glimpse back in time with an exhibition of early boat building, including Viking boats. There are also houses showing home/farm life from the 1600s to the 1900s.

On the water

For individuals and small groups (1-8)

Fishing in Oslo

Oslo fjord is a gorgeous fishing place. Fish population around the capital is stable and you have a chance to get practically any sort of local sea fish you ever heard of. Sea fishing is allowed and free, but you mast have own fishing equipment. You’ll see plenty of people fishing around the harbour area – talk to them about good spots.

Unlike sea fishing, fresh water fishing requires permit. You can read more about it here: Visit Norway

We offer fishing tours on motor cruiser for families and small groups up to 8 people. Bestseller, best for kids!

Kayak Tour Copenhagen

Paddle your own kayak through Copenhagen, accompanied by a professional guide and instructor, who remains in audio-headset contact with participants during the entire tour.

History, culture and adventure combined! You will be seeing all the highlights of the city, including Nyhavn, the Citadel, Langelinje with the Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Castle, the fashionable waterfront, the Black Diamond, and Christiansborg Castle.


This is a fantastic activity and a way to see the city from another perspective. You will paddle on the Nidelven river for 90 minutes. You can make kayaking into an amazing photostory if you take an action camera. All safety needs are well provided-for.

Giske Island

On the island of Giske, you can see some beautiful white sandy beaches, like those by tropical seas. The view of the ocean and islands is unforgettable. You can dive and swim here. But don’t forget: you are not far from the Arctic Circle and the water is permanently cold.

Fishing Villages in North Norway

Norway’s fishing has grown in popularity and many tourists seek the Lofoten Islands in both winter and summer. The biggest cods are usually caught between January and April. On the fish-finder, you might see a cod stacked from the surface all the way to the bottom. Another highlight is the famous halibut fishing. Summer is the time to catch halibut, although the biggest often turn up in the autumn.

Norwegian fishing camps along the Lofoten coast differ in size and comfort levels, but the sea is exactly the same whether you choose to stay in Svinøya Rorbu, Reine Rorbu, Melbu or drive to the end of the island archipelago to the tiny village with the shortest name: Å.