Northern Lights Camp

From November to end March

The opportunity to sight large green shines slitting the nocturnal sky is, indeed, something priceless. In order to make Northern Lights chasing most comfortable we established several warm Camps across the region. Depending on the size of the group, you will be transported to the place of destination and back either in a minibus or in a bus.  Each Camp has toilet facilities, campfires and benches outside. Every day our experienced guide with the help of weather forecast, wind direction and current weather reports decide where to go.

Departures: 18.30
Duration: 5-7 hours
What is included:

  • Comfortable coaches.
  • Well trained, English speaking Northern Lights guides.
  • Beautiful Northern Lights video shown in the coach.
  • Free access to photo link (via Facebook) when guides have been taking photos
  • 20 warm overalls for free use (please pre book)
  • Free advice from our guides on how to take Aurora photos!
  • Hot chocolate, coffee, cake

A cup of coffee near the fire in the nighttime in a snowy place, located miles and miles away from something we call “civilization”, brings you the ultimate experience of living as a Laplander. The Northern Lights Tour provides you with unforgettable, fairly romantic moments with lots manifestations of the nature and few human traces. Given that the warm clothes, tents, and tasty meals are provided, you can be sure that your trip will not be spoiled by any unforeseen circumstances, thanks to good planning of the tour.


Price: 1150 NOK for adult, 600 NOK for child

Add ons: warm soup (2 sorts): 200 NOK per person
tripod:                           100 NOK per item