Andøya Fishing Camp

On the island of Andøya, you can wander along some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches and look out over the still waters of the ocean with the midnight sun as your sole companion. The coastal waters abound in many sorts of fish such as cod, halibut, saithe, sea bass and lancet fish. In autumn you can catch some impressively large crabs. You will find your motorboat just a few kilometres away from the camp, where there is a little harbour from which you set off to go fishing. It can be reached by car, but for those without cars, the friendly crew will take you to and from the harbour for no charge. You will get a lot of valuable advice from them as well. Fishing can take place in the fjord or in the open sea, which is 7 km away.

The fishing camp can take up to 37 guests. There are 5 apartments, each of which holds 6–8 people. In each apartment there are 2–3 bedrooms, a toilet, a shower, and a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances and kitchenware. There is a dining room with a TV set, and a free wireless internet connection is available in all rooms.

The closest city is just 10 km away, and from there you can join a trip to the open sea with a spectacular show: the whale safari.